Always Be My Maybe: (Spoiler) Review

Ali Wong & Randall Park AKA The Funniest People On Earth.

To be clear, I never intended for my blog to be all about reviewing movies. But, might as well keep the train rolling and throw out my opinions of another movie that I watched very recently, one that, in terms of genre, is a farcry from the horror masterpiece that I reviewed in my previous post.


Always Be My Maybe follows the dual POV’s of Sasha and Marcus. Two Asian-Americans that grew up together in San Francisco. After a fallout right after a romantic connection had blossomed in their adolescence, the two become estranged for fifteen years. During that time, Sasha becomes a famous chef and Marcus stayed in San Francisco smoking weed and leading a low-budget band. When Sasha comes back to the city to open a new restaurant, her and Marcus cross-paths unexpectedly and those old sparks of attraction grow as they spend time together.

Individually, the two are pretty well fleshed out. Sasha is a workaholic who enjoys the glamour and pzazz of the upper-class world, and Marcus is a lazy musician that gathers his energy from the homey, dirty streets of San Francisco. The chemistry between the two , for me anyways, is the most enjoyable part of this movie. Of course, it’s pretty much essential for two characters with distinct personalities to have good chemistry, especially in a romance. And, in that regard, Ali Wong and Randall Park nail that. Marcus is a smack-talking, one-liner master that can come up with something brilliant to say in a matter of seconds, even if some of the things he says can come off as rude. Sasha is a bit more collective than that. She herself is pretty articulate, but isn’t as quippy or ill-mannered as Marcus. Together the two make a satirical dream team.

Of course there are other characters, like the sidekicks. Sasha has a gay best friend that assists her in the growth of her brand, and Marcus has (I think) a Pakistani friend that’s part of his band. While Sasha’s friend does more to further the story, they both add good doses of humor whenever they appear on-screen. I’d say what their names are but I don’t remember (kind of feel like a bad person because of that).

Always Be My Maybe


There isn’t much to say about the filmography. It’s pretty standard in terms of cinematography, setting, etc. There are some pretty shots here and there but I don’t have as much to say about ABMM’s filmmaking as I do about Aliens’.

While the story itself isn’t terrible, the biggest problem I have with this movie is the ending. How they wrap up Sasha and Marcus’ story arcs…by bringing them together. The movie ends with Marcus going to New York to confess his love for Sasha at an event for rich people. Of course, he succeeds and the two live happily ever after.

That’s good, right? The guy gets the girl, that’s how all good stories should end.

Yeah…if you’re James Bond.

I think it would have been much more interesting and cathartic for the characters if they didn’t get together. If they accepted that they live in two very different worlds and neither of them are willing to leave those worlds for each other. They sacrifice their love so they could find happiness in fulfilling their dreams and making other people happy through Sasha’s food and Marcus’ music. I’m not saying that they should never see each other again, just that, at the very least, they could’ve remained platonic so they’re not crying themselves to sleep. After all, given their chemistry, I’d say their better off as Just Friends anyway. By putting them together, after everything that happened throughout the movie, Hollywood is, once again, making the suggestion that you need, NEED, to be with someone. Even though you can live just fine without without a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

Now for the elephant in the room.

Neo grew some hair.

Yes. Keanu Reeves is in this movie.

No. It’s not great.

Keanu being in this movie was total fan service. While he was kinda fun, he didn’t bring a lot to it. I realize what his roll was, but really, anyone could’ve done.

I’m not saying I hate Keanu Reeves, quite the opposite actually. I just don’t like how they presented him in this movie. Everyone knew who he was: Keanu Reeves! Big movie star and one of the nicest guys in America!

I honestly would’ve liked it if he was just some handsome rich guy. Really that’s his role in the movie. The rich, handsome schmuck that starts sleeping with Sasha and makes Marcus jelly. Anyone could do that, Keanu did it with ease. If anything it would’ve been hilarious if he was just some cute, rich dude Sasha was seeing rather than Keanu Reeves playing Keanu Reeves. And that’s honestly how I like it anyway, I like when Keanu Reeves is playing a character, not just himself.


Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy that succeeds greatly at being a comedy, but doesn’t live up to the romance as much as it could have.

The characters are a lot of fun and are sure to make you, at least, giggle. But what it makes up for in comedy and character chemistry, it lacks in story and theme. It’s one of many romantic comedies that make the suggestion that you can’t live without having a romantic partner, which is so far from being true.

Overall, I would recommend ABMM as a movie to watch when you just want a good laugh and/or if you just love Rom-Coms, like me.

How did you feel about Always Be My Maybe? Did you love Keanu Reeves, or do you like it better when he’s playing a character? Please tell me what you thought in the comments. While your at it, check out my review of Ridley Scott’s Alien. I also have a YouTube channel, I’m not very active on it right now but I want to get back into making stop-motions, so look out for those sometime in the future.

And please correct me if I’m wrong about Marcus’ freinds’ ethnicity. Thank you for reading!

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